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A beginner Spanish method for travel. Packed full of audio and ready to go!

Travelling to Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, or any of the 21 countries where Spanish is spoken?

Why not start your journey before you leave with this ebook saturated with audio! Part method, part phrasebook, its five chapters provide essentials for travel situations with clear explanations and audio examples, taking you to an elementary level of Spanish - at your own pace, confidently, and in a fun way!

This book has been written for anyone interested in getting ahead with their Spanish - those who are studying in courses, Uni or otherwise, those who don't have time to attend a course, those who need something to get by on their upcoming trip, or those who haven't had time, and need to take something with them on their travels!

Available for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch, $24.99

Greetings and goodbyes

Let's start to build our Spanish with some greetings. In this section we'll be looking at what to say at different times of the day, and in both formal (f) and informal (i) situations.
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Most of the time Spanish is pronounced how it is written but there are a few sounds that are exceptions to the rules.
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Snacks (in Spain)

Do you know what a tapa is? Tapas are very small snacks that are served in bars in Spain when you order a drink. Depending on the region or city you’re in, they can be very cheap, and in some cases, free!
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Fantastic - love the simple explanations that help to understand but don't overwhelm with detail. Especially impressed by the audio - better than being in a class! ...

Sarah Pavy, iBookstore customer

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