Chapter 2, Buen Provecho

Ordering tapas

When travelling in Spain, ordering tapas is one of the first times you need to use your Spanish!

2.2 Tapas (Snacks in Spain)

Do you know what a tapa is? Tapas are very small snacks that are served in bars in Spain when you order a drink. Depending on the region or city you’re in, they can be very cheap, and in some cases, free!

2.2.2 Ordering tapas. Here are a few ways to ask for something in a restaurant or bar in Spanish:

a) What you will be asked:
¿Qué le pongo? / ¿Qué les pongo? (sing/plur)   What can I get you?
¿Qué desea? / ¿Qué desean? (sing/plur)   What would you like?
¿Qué va a tomar? / ¿Qué van a tomar? (sing/plur)   What will it be?
¿Algo más?   Something else?
¿Y de beber?   And to drink?
Aquí tiene / aquí tienen (sing/plur)   Here you are.

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